The concept of professionalism in education and training requires that a teacher should have deep knowledge and a concrete understanding of his subject. Having a clear knowledge’s and understanding that will give him/her what is called professional autonomy over the areas of specialization, that is the right and privilege to teach without supervision which means he/she has been trusted and provided with qualified licensed to teach within education and training, center independent of supervision.

Enabling effective learning whether for young people or adults in colleges, adult and community learning, or in work-based settings requires high levels of expertise of teachers, trainers, assessors, work supervisors, community mentors, and related roles. The quality of an education system cannot exceed the quality of its teachers. The learning professionals in the further education and skills sector are the backbone of the system as they make the difference for individual learners to succeed. To reflect the diversity of those holding teaching and training related roles in the further education and skills sector, Eminence Professional Development Academy is determined to congregate them together in one place to deliver a quality education system.
EPDA promotes a model of teacher and trainer professionalism in further education and skills with four fundamental tenets:

1) The highest standards for teaching, training, and learning, supported by the professional body from all over the world
2) The learners’ and public interest is central
3) World-class training facility
4) Professionals uphold ethical values.