Eicorn-ISO 56002 Innovation Management Systems


The world’s most recognized developer of voluntary standards, ISO (International Standards Organization), has together with world-leading experts on innovation from all over the world, developed the guiding framework for how to make any organization successful at innovation.

This is the world’s #1 online course on ISO 56002 and how to build and lead innovation management systems. The course’s structure is based on the ISO 56002 Innovation Management System standard.  ISO 56002 is the result of 8 years of collaboration between 100+ world-leading innovation experts from over 50 countries.

It provides an internationally valid guidebook for how to make any organization successful at innovation. The course is action-oriented and practical and includes complete coverage of ISO 56002:2019 selected parts of ISO 56000:2020.
The course is built on 8 fundamental learning principles and assets:

  • Innovation Theory
  • Validated Learning
  • A battery of questions
  • Real-world examples
  • Forums and Digital Meetups
  • Tools and Methods
  • Eicorn’s reflections
  • ISO 56002 knowledge

This course will provide you with the means to deploy an innovation management system and boost your innovation leadership skills!
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