Capacity Building of Health Care Providers to address CVD during the COVID-19

Since the first COVID 19 case was detected on March 8, 2020, in Bangladesh, the entire health system of the country is working to address the situation. But, the number is rapidly evolving and reached a total of 1, 90,057cases with a total death of 2, 424 on 14th July 2020. The fragile health system is overwhelmed with this high burden of infection rate that grows daily. Again, the cases had co-morbidity like diabetes or cardiac-related complications. Till this day, the Bangladesh government has published seven versions of the COVID-19 clinical management protocol, but, NCDs-related clinical managements are not well addressed which worsens the outcome. Therefore, to reduce the burden of complications due to co-morbidity, the health system must focus on the NCDs’ clinical management immediately. With this current context, strengthening the capacity of the health system and bringing online distance training mechanisms, could reduce the burden of deaths by increasing the skills among health professionals on clinical management of COVID patients with cardiovascular problems.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the capacity of health professionals dealing with COVID patients with cardiovascular issues to ensure quality treatment, care, and support. This capacity-building program has been designed to train health professionals from the government’s district-level hospitals, from eight divisions across the country using distance learning technology. These distance learning technology methods are used to improve skills in managing patients with cardiovascular disease and COVID 19. An eight hours training course will be designed in a local context adapting CDC and World Heart Federation’s existing guidelines and manuals.
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